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Open this directory in the other tab

#1 Post by Albantar » 18.03.2009, 13:33

I just downloaded FreeCommander and I like it a lot, it allows for quite a bit of customization and has sensible defaults; good for both advanced and less advanced computer users.

In Linux I'm an avid mc user and one of its features is sadly lacking from FreeCommander: "Open this directory in the other tab".

For example, you're working in the left pane and select a folder. In mc, if you press Ctrl+O, that folder will open in the right pane. Very useful for moving stuff from a parent directory into a (new) child directory.

I know that it's possible in the old Windows way, selecting the files you want to move and dragging them to the (new) folder in the same pane, but I also quickly found the use for filters and when you filter for certain files, you don't see the folder you want to drag them into anymore...

Anyway, thanks for this powerful tool, and I hope my suggestion makes it to the next version. Or even better, I'm just a typical newbie and the feature is there but I just overlooked it :)

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#2 Post by FrizzleFry » 18.03.2009, 14:42

There is a command available for this but it does not open a new tab in the other pane, it uses the active tab in the other pane. Go to Extras... Keyboard shortcuts... Folder - Open folder in other pane... and assign a key to it.

I would prefer if it would open a new tab rather than use the active one but the back button works.

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#3 Post by Marek » 18.03.2009, 19:08

Try to use Ctrl+right for selected folder.

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#4 Post by Dreamer » 20.03.2009, 00:34

...Or just middle click the folder. :wink:

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#5 Post by FrizzleFry » 20.03.2009, 01:25

Middle clicking a folder opens it in a new tab in the same pane.

What I prefer to do is right click the tab and use "Copy tab to other panel".

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#6 Post by lifer » 28.03.2009, 10:42

Just drag the subfolder to an empty space of the folder tab bar (of any pane you want).

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#7 Post by lujomu » 02.05.2009, 08:51

If you use [ALT]+[MMB] on a folder, it opens in a new tab in the other pane. Is that what you are looking for?

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I voted yes, but the feature already exists

#8 Post by EtherealMonkey » 04.05.2009, 00:17

When looking at the keyboard shortcuts, I see that this is not assigned.

Since, I have used this functionality before, but do usually open the folder and then move it by the tab, or the "left to right" or "right to left" areas near the quick filter box.

Perhaps, it would be a good idea to offer (i.e. another dialog after the main wizard ends) to review and assign some of the shortcuts during the installation of FreeCommander.


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#9 Post by paciuli » 04.05.2009, 08:20

I use a progrm launcher (PStart), and have created a few entries that open certain folders in FC (path-to-fc.exe /C /L=C:\). I would really like to have a command line parameter which gets them opened in a new tab

Thanks :)


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