use custom program to open files (double click)

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use custom program to open files (double click)

#1 Post by leo_dk » 16.03.2009, 23:31

I've been using freecommander for a year or so - and it is my essential file browser.

I'm really close to having a "perfect" portable environment - the only thing missing is for freecommander to "overtake" a standard double click, and use the program specified in the programs list (which works fine, but only with F4 functionality).

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#2 Post by lujomu » 02.05.2009, 08:38

I would love to see this functionality too!

That would make FreeCommander completely independet from the windows file associations. For the standard user this might be trivial, but as leo_dk said, if you use FreeCommander as your portable file manager on multiple computers, this could be THE killer feature!

In addition it would be great to be able to assign your own icons to the different file types. So you always see the same icons no matter what computer you are on.

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#3 Post by granny » 11.05.2009, 04:59

For what it's worth, there are a couple of 3rd party utilities that can create file associations to software installed on your portable drive, and still keep the host computer's registry clean.

"CAFE Mod Beta 5b Development Test 1 (to be renamed eXpresso)"
Development seems to have stalled on this one for almost a year, but I'm using the version on the linked page for the last year with very few problems.

here's another, but I haven't been able to download it yet. It is probably the better choice, since it is under very active development
PortableFileAssociator Dev Test 1


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