FTP - HTTP Conect Proxy

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FTP - HTTP Conect Proxy

#1 Post by James » 17.07.2008, 15:25

Hi, i would like proxy type http connect (like in TC). In all implemented proxies require login/pass. In my proxy I dont have anything like that, and this type of proxy in Total Commander works.

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#2 Post by lilithn » 04.12.2008, 12:46

oh my god, just found this program and its unbelievably awesome. Knows everything I need!
However I sit behind a firewall, and I cannot ftp only via HTTP with FTP support, do you think its possible that you add this feature?

All in all many thanks for your great work! I really love it!

Good luck and happy incoming Xmas :))

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Re: FTP - HTTP Conect Proxy

#3 Post by cbk » 15.11.2011, 13:39

So, I have the same problem.
I can not connect to a FTP server in "HTTP Proxy with FTP support" mode.
Is this problem fixed in this 3 years :P ?


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