Customize Toolbars is mis-behaving

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Customize Toolbars is mis-behaving

#1 Post by granny » 17.06.2008, 05:50

Using newest version 200806 on XP Pro SP2. (tested on two different computers.) And I am loving the new features. :D

I was so happy to be able to have Big Icons, but now customizing the toolbars is giving me problems.

When I go to Settings > Toolbar, or when I right-click a toolbar "divider" and choose "Customize", I almost always get some odd behavior no matter what kind of customization I do (change icon size, change Drawing Style, select or unselect buttons to display, etc) ----

The toolbars almost always re-arrange themselves, so I have to drag them back into place.
This happens with and without Lock Toolbars selected, and with all possible combinations I have tried of Big Icons, Button Size, Drawing Style, Menu as Toolbar, and Active / Inactive toolbars.

When I have Big Icons selected, the toolbars rearrange themselves, plus many of the bars shrink down to display only the little "divider" bar. So I have to double-click them to re-expand them, and drag them back into the order and rows that I want them.

Very rarely (maybe once in 20 tries) my changes get applied with no naughty behavior.

I'm sorry, I cannot post screenshots, my only online connection is from my work pc and we are blocked from file-hosting sites.

I hope this is user error, and you can tell me a way to fix this behavior.

Thanks for any advice -

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#2 Post by Marek » 17.06.2008, 21:16

- Make first all toolbars visible
- Define one favorite tool and make favorite toolbar visible too
- Try now re-arrange the toolbars

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#3 Post by Dreamer » 17.06.2008, 23:32

I can confirm this. I have already reported this in the beta bug reports forum. It's really annoying.

I'm using big icons, show menu as toolbar, 28 button size. In the first row is menu and few buttons, in the second more buttons and in the third one button and the fav. tools toolbar.

FC 2008.06, Windows Vista 32 bit SP1

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#4 Post by granny » 18.06.2008, 04:49

Hello Marek,
I do have tools assigned to Favorite Tools in all the tests & attempts, and have tried with all toolbars visible, and with only some visible, but Favorite Tools was always visible.

It is happening even with settings like version 2007.10a ---
I disabled Menu As Toolbar, Big Icons, Drawing Style, and I set button size at 18.

The separator bar looks different in this version, maybe the 2008.06 "widget" doesn't behave the same way as 2007.10.

Dreamer, I'm sorry that you confirm this, because I really was hoping I was making a mistake --- that way, I could learn to do it right, and would have no more trouble.

I'll watch to see if there is a patch for this, thank you.

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#5 Post by kiwichick » 19.06.2008, 01:05

I am having the same issues with the toolbars not holding their positions. Even if I manually change the toolbar position values in the freecommander.ini file FC still opens up with them at a different position and changes the ini file to that position upon close.

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#6 Post by granny » 19.06.2008, 01:34

@ kiwichick (LOTR-land?) -- Mine move and / or collapse as soon as I apply a customization.

But once I get my toolbars dragged into place, they stay put upon close and reopening FC. Your glitch sounds even more painful.

I even tried turning off my Large DPI screen setting (120 DPI), since I know that large dpi causes all kinds of trouble with Windows display scaling, but it didn't help.

I'm using FC configured as portable, and run it off an external usb hard-drive.
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#7 Post by kiwichick » 19.06.2008, 01:39

LOTR yes, granny :D

I have tried replacing ini file with my prev version's one and I get all my toolbars in the right place except one. And if I move it back to where I want it, it still changes upon close.

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#8 Post by granny » 19.06.2008, 01:51

I wonder what would happen if you save a copy of your ini file to another folder, and replace it in the FC folder with an empty ini?

Of course, all your custom settings would go back to "factory default", but if you could get the toolbars to behave, maybe you could then copy and paste other settings from the old ini into the new one.

This is just fumbling in the dark, but might be worth a try.

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#9 Post by pthubbard » 19.06.2008, 15:35

Not that you need anymore confirmation, but I am also experiencing this bug. Running XP sp3. It is erratic in behavior. I don't get the same problem each time and sometimes it is fine. Any chance this will be fixed in the near future?

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#10 Post by pthubbard » 20.06.2008, 09:01

I was going to post a couple of urls to screenshots, but apparently I'm supposed to have two previous posts first... so I'll try again now.

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#12 Post by kiwichick » 21.06.2008, 03:55

Granny, thanks for the idea but it didn't work. This is really frustrating. It's not the only bug in this version either so I'm sticking to v2007.10a in the meantime.

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Big icons

#13 Post by smuta2006 » 22.06.2008, 11:45

Unfortunately I cannot use big icons in toolbar under Windows Vista. When I choose the option "Use big icons" icons themselves remain small/old-style, while a small artifact appears on the toolbar (see image).

Moreover in previous versions (2007.10a and earlier) I've made two toolbars hidden. Now (in version 2008.06) I cannot make them visible. (If I choose toolbars to unhide in Extras -> Settings ... -> View -> Toolbar -> Show toolbar and close Settings window, nothing happens. When I open Settings again, checkmarks disappear.).

I observe this strange behavior in Windows Vista only.

Addendum: This helped to setup big icons...
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#14 Post by Einherjar » 24.06.2008, 19:11

I don't know if this is related or not, but I'll attach it here to hopefully help out.

Here's how I have my toolbar set:


At startup and seemingly random times throughout the day, it jumbles the toolbar to this, whether locked or not:

The funky thing is that it only happens on my work PC, and not my home PC. Both systems are Windows XP (32-bit) SP2.

The work system is a 2.66 GHz Core2 Duo w/ 1 GB RAM & onboard video.
The home system is a 2.6 GHz P4 w/ 1.5 GB RAM & 64 MB ATI All-In-Wonder.

The work system has Office 2003 and Symantec (Norton) Antivirus.
The home system has Office 2000 and Avira Free Antivirus.

Otherwise, the installed software is very similar between them.

Hope that helps.

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#15 Post by PoP » 27.06.2008, 09:21

I have the same problem with toolbars not staying at the position where I set them.
This is independent of the choice of locked or not locked.

I want, and I can set the toolbars as below :
All visible toolbars on the same row



ToolbarsLock,BigIcons, ButtonSize
makes no difference to the problem

I do not show the menu as toolbar
BUT it seems that this new possibility is what causes the problem

Indeed these seem to be random numbers
ToolBar2048Top=2 <<<<<<<<<if this number is positive everything is OK

BUT if it is negative like ToolBar2048Top=-27 or -3 or whatever -n

then when I launch FreeCommander it sets automatically the toolbar tops to

ToolBar1Top=28 <<<<<<<<<
ToolBar2Top=28 <<<<<<<<<
ToolBar8Top=28 <<<<<<<<<
ToolBar16Top=28 <<<<<<<<<
ToolBar64Top=28 <<<<<<<<<
ToolBar128Top=28 <<<<<<<<<

i.e. a number of toolbars move down 1 row

This occurs after one or a few sessions when the program saves a -random?- negative value for

My workaround until now has been to set ToolBar2048Top=2 in the ini file and disable the autosave to the ini file.
But I'll be happy to re-enable this feature in the future.


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