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Posted: 04.09.2013, 20:17
by seekermeister
I have been using FC for a number of years now, without any problems. However since a recent re-install of the OS (Windows 7), I'm having persistent problems with FC freezing, requiring it to be shutdown with the Task Manager. It has become such a problem that it is basically useless to me, but I like the program so much that I have installed FC XE, even though it hasn't been released yet as a stable version.

I would upload a screenshot of the error that appears when shutting it down with the Task Manager, but I don't find any provision for that. It squawks about an access violation at 0068B9D9 in module FreeCommander.exe. Read address 00000000. Is there some way for me to fix this?

EDIT: Reinstalling FC didn't solve anything.

Re: Freezing

Posted: 18.09.2013, 09:01
by t33C00
interesting though that in W8 FC works fine :) !

Re: Freezing

Posted: 18.09.2013, 10:03
by seekermeister
Not particularly, because it worked properly in W7 for a very long time without problems also. The question is about restoring it to proper functioning, not it's compatibility with the OS.

Re: Freezing

Posted: 26.11.2013, 12:00
by ZikO
I have the same problem but only at work where operate on network HDDs mapped to letters, such as R: W: etc.. After a while, let's say 1 minute, FC stops, gets frozen. I have installed a regular version and the FreeCommander 2009.02b Build 418 version but the problem is the same. I may include that I also connect my external USB3 HDD that is encrypted by TrueCrypt.

At work I have Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit whereas at home I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. i did not encountered any problems at home.

I found the problem why free commander was getting frozen. I found that I use very large audio WAV file with tags. The tags have been added by Adobe Audtion 3.0. The problem seems to be common and I found the solution here: ... he-registr