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While drag&drop the target application goes to background

Posted: 05.04.2013, 16:08
by marcel
Small thing which I have been missing for long in FreeCommander:

1. in FC open folder with a text file, say test.txt
2. open Notepad - it is in the foreground - ok
3. move Notepad in such way, that FC is partly covered by Notepad, but not the line with test.txt - ok
4. try to drag and drop test.txt from FC to Notepad
- immediately as you click on the test.txt in FC,
the Notepad goes into background
and in most cases it is necessary to make other tricks how to drop the grabbed test.txt into Notepad

MS Explorer has it pretty elagant and easy of use

FreeCommander XE donor preview
Windows 7 64 bit
standard user (without admin permissions)

Nice program :-)