text in tabs name and window scale

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text in tabs name and window scale

#1 Post by Graunter » 24.09.2012, 08:08


I have the following configuration of my laptop: Win7 Pro, 1920*1080 screen resolution and 150% of font size.
When I start FC the text on tabs is oversized they position and don't seems correctly.
The same situation with window name and so on.
I check it on different system and in my opinion the problem is in too large font scalling only. As result my work with FC is not comportable.

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Re: text in tabs name and window scale

#2 Post by Scott_Y » 24.09.2012, 15:13

What version of FC are you using? In FC-XE the tab font can be set in
Settings > View > Folder Tabs > Tab Colors page.
Click on the Font button to the right of the Active Tab.

On the Tab Management page, it might help to make the maximum length of tab title longer.

The height of the address bar can be changed in View > Address Bar
and likewise the height of the status bar in View > Status Bar.

That might not solve all your problems. My own experience with increased font size of the display is it can often cause problems in program interfaces, dialog boxes, etc. generally (so what you report is not really a "bug" in FC). If you are having difficulty only with FC, you are fortunate.


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