Drag and drop file - gets stuck on a folder

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Drag and drop file - gets stuck on a folder

#1 Post by fcny » 09.09.2012, 16:57

I am running Free Commander showing one pane (tree and files displayed).
I left click on a file, and attempt to drag it to a directory that is in the right hand
side files view. If I drag it over a directory I cant get it out of that directory (have not
released mouse button ... still just dragging) unless I move the mouse cursor to the left,
out of the files section. Attempting to move the cursor up/down over several directories
does NOT work ... it gets "stuck" in the first one that is dragged over.

I understand I can simply drag the file to the left hand directories view and drop it anywhere.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit, service pack 1, an i5 Ivy Bridge 3750 with SSD, and
Free Commander version 2009.02b.

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Re: Drag and drop file - gets stuck on a folder

#2 Post by Scott_Y » 09.09.2012, 18:47

Works correctly for me on FC-XE 598 (Win7-64). I suggest you upgrade to that version or the latest public beta, as FC 2009b is not being developed further; see http://www.freecommander.com/fc_beta_en.htm


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