Alt-F7 Search fails on unicode files

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Alt-F7 Search fails on unicode files

#1 Post by spearsp » 23.07.2012, 08:46

When searching for files containing text, files containing the text in unicode do come up as matches.

I have files that I've saved from SQL Server Management Studio, which saves files to 16-bit characters. I can open the files with the viewer (I do still have to press "U" to switch the viewer over to unicode), and find the text that I'm looking for in the viewer. However, no matches come up in the search.

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Re: Alt-F7 Search fails on unicode files

#2 Post by inglorious » 23.07.2012, 21:14

yeah, tested in XE2 and FC2009b, both not working. my humble guess, it never ever worked!!
b'cause an option to define a search filter/parameter (hex, utf8, unicode, binary, etc.) is not implemented yet.
hence my suggestion: write an enhancement request!


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