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Apps key not working

Posted: 01.06.2012, 14:16
by parisologist
When I click the "appskey" on my keyboard in FreeCommander (while a file is highlighted), I don't get a context menu - or any other response at all. Apps key works fine in windows explorer - it brings up the context menu for the file.

Version of freecommander:2009.02b

Windows7, 64bit

Re: Apps key not working

Posted: 04.07.2012, 02:03
by Scott_Y
Pardon my ignorance... but what is an "apps key"?
How do you use it in Windows Explorer?

I wonder if the key would work in FC-XE; it's a stable beta, so you needn't be concerned on that account.

Re: Apps key not working

Posted: 13.12.2012, 15:47
by parisologist
Sorry, I sort of gave up on this for a while.

The AppsKey is a key on some windows PC's that shows an icon of a small menu. It simulates a right-click. For those of us who are keyboard junkies it's really essential to be able to have a keyboard shortcut for a right click.

I know that Shift-F10 is supposed to simulate a right click. However, this also does not work properly in free commander - I only get a small subset of the normal right-click menu entries. Shift-F10 works fine in windows explorer, though - I get the full set of menu entries.

I'd love it if there was some solution to this in free commander - having to constantly reach for the mouse is a real drag!

Re: Apps key not working

Posted: 13.12.2012, 15:53
by parisologist
Also, the same problem exists in FreeCommander XE (for windows 7). Accessing the context menu using Shift-F10 only shows a subset of the entries that a physical right click shows. For example, the context menus created by 7-zip and Vim are missing (which are the ones I use the most).

This is also a 64bit machine; I have tried adjusting the setting 'ShowContextMenu64Bit' in the FreeCommander.ini file, but setting it to 1 or 0 doesn't solve the problem.

I'm pretty flummoxed by this so if anyone has a clever solution I'd be grateful!

Re: Apps key not working

Posted: 12.01.2013, 18:44
by Scott_Y
I don't have a solution, but it may help to report what happens on my computer (FCXE 611, Win7/64).

- Both a right-click and what you call the AppsKey open the same context menu in FCXE -- likewise in Windows Explorer (WE). Call this menu A.

- Shift+F10 opens a different context menu in FCXE -- most of the entries in it are the same as menu A, but several different entries are added and several are not included. Call this menu B.

- Ctrl+Shift+F10 opens a complete blend of menus A and B. This is the same as Shift+Right-click or Shift+AppsKey.

Tools > Define Keyboard Shortcuts reports that Shift+F10 is the 32-bit context menu, and Ctrl+Shift+F10 is the 64-bit context menu. This can be reversed by editing FreeCommander.ini -- see ... 784#p14621 and the reply following it.

So my conclusions:
- My AppsKey works fine in FCXE, the same as in WE. It gives the same results as a right-click.
- Shift+F10 and Ctrl+Shift+F10 are not quite the same as a right-click. FC is accessing something different here.