Opening many files by ENTER key

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Opening many files by ENTER key

#1 Post by Uzanto de FCOMM » 21.11.2011, 13:26

Here the second thing i want to report. Thanks for your attention.


In a folder you have many .txt files, to be open with your favourite editor. Try to navigate using only the keyboard and reach such directory. Arrived in the directory, press CTRL-A and ENTER again. Instead of opening ALL txt files, you will be in the parent directory.

in dirWithTxtFiles i have many .txt files (smart name :wink: ).
I start from C:\
1. select dir1 + press ENTER,
2. select dir2 + press ENTER,
3. select dirWithTxtFiles + press ENTER,
4. press CTRL-A and press ENTER, expecting that all files of the directory are open by Notepad++.
But i notice that the files weren't opened, and Fcommander is in c:\dir1\dir2\ :roll:

That's because entering in a subdirectory by keyboard, the directory "\.." (parent directory) is selected. Pressing ENTER will move me back, on "\.." no matter if other files were selected.
Expected behaviour: Fcommander should go on "\.." only if "\.." is the only selected thing. If at least a file is selected together with "\..", only the file(s) should be open (same if a folder is selected: "\.." should always be the less important) and not the parent directory.

Version: 2009.02b
OS: Windows XP


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