Refresh of a folder is not automatic (when tree view active)

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Refresh of a folder is not automatic (when tree view active)

#1 Post by Uzanto de FCOMM » 21.11.2011, 10:54

Thanks for your program, i am using it and suggesting it to my friends. Some things I found that could be improved.

My case
I have a program that creates a folder and many subfolders. If I generate 2 folders (everyone with some subfolders) where i already generated one, the first one will be renamed, the new one is created. Example:
1 . Creation of AFOLDER in C:\
then i open C:\ with FreeCommander, and i see the contained folder (with filesystem tree).

2. Using the same program i create again AFOLDER in the same path. The old folder is renamed and in C:\ now i have 2 folders

Problem (NOTE: this is for sure in tree view, maybe also others):
FreeCommander never refreshes the folder that is being visualized (expecially on the left side, where is the tree), when the folder content is changed by some external program (at least if the contained folders are changed, I am not sure what if the files are changed). So if i am visualizing C:\, I will never see that AFOLDER and AFOLDER_BAK were created.
The user MUST refresh, and pay attention that during refresh only the active directory will be refreshed. If the active folder is shown as tree, only one side is updated (the tree structure or the current folder content).

Expected behaviour:
(At least) the active folder, should be update at real time, or at least every X seconds. Ideally, what i see in FreeCommander should be exactly the content of my file sistem, or very often refreshed.
When a new subfolder is created by another program in the folder i am visualizing, the new folder must be shown (as soon as possible).

Version: 2009.02b
OS: Windows XP


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