2 Toolbar mashes in one row

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2 Toolbar mashes in one row

#1 Post by arunkw » 03.10.2011, 05:48

Through defined favorite tool I created 2 tool bars to which I have added the files. I adjust it on the panel to be shown in 2 Rows. But when save the settings and close Free commander. Next time when I open Free commander it doesn't show my tool bars in 2 rows it, just mashes into 1 row.

What might be the problem?, is this a bug which needs a fix?

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Re: 2 Toolbar mashes in one row

#2 Post by joby_toss » 03.10.2011, 06:23

Did you lock the toolbars when you were satisfied with their position (right click on a toolbar / Lock toolbars)?


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