FC Hangs on subdirectory Right-Click

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FC Hangs on subdirectory Right-Click

#1 Post by padthai4me » 28.06.2010, 00:31

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A show stopper - when I right-click on a subdirectory, Free Commander hangs. Any subdirectory, all the time. I downloaded and reinstalled the latest version but still no luck. It started sometime in the past few days and had worked OK before that. Any ideas or lists of incompatible programs? Thanks for the help.... Regards, Steve

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Re: FC Hangs on subdirectory Right-Click

#2 Post by jrw31 » 04.07.2010, 14:33

This has happened to me as well many times. I think it might be an issue with Windows 7?

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Re: FC Hangs on subdirectory Right-Click

#3 Post by ralfso » 04.07.2010, 19:06

Check your extra context menu items from other software (mediaplayer, zipper, ...).
Maybe 64.bit context menu items.
Try to deactivate them one after the other and check FC right click again.

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