incomplete listing of files listed locally vs network share

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incomplete listing of files listed locally vs network share

#1 Post by litegard » 25.06.2010, 15:34

Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
FileCommander version: 2009.02a

Weird behavior, and possibly an as yet unidentified bug: While using FileCommander to view the Windows/System32 folder on a local drive, I noticed that I was not seeing all the files that should have been listed there. The total number of files listed was about 400 files short of what Microsoft's Windows Explorer had reported for the same folder. Note this is a system folder that contains nearly 3000 files and subfolders.

Both FileCommander and MS Windows Explorer had been told to show all files, including system and hidden ones. No file filters were active according to the FileCommander filter settings; all files should have been listed.

I first noticed the problem when copying a file named usb-icon.ico into the system32 folder from another computer's over a network. The file copied, but the name would disappear from the local computer's system32 folder file listing once copied into it.

Oddly, FileCommander CAN see the complete list of files in the system32 folder when accessed via a mapped network drive, even if that network drive is self mapped to the local computer's c$ administrative share.

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