Issue with right-click selection and context menu in NC-Mode

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Issue with right-click selection and context menu in NC-Mode

#1 Post by modbear » 30.03.2010, 20:54

FreeCommander 2009.02a
Windows Vista Enterprise, 64-bit; Windows XP SP2, 32-bit

In the right-click selection mode, the context menu for the selection can be displayed using the Application key. The problem is that all subsequent right-clicks also display the context menu, in addition to selecting a file or folder under the mouse pointer. I've noticed that the problem doesn't occur if/after the context menu is closed using the Esc key.

To reproduce the problem:
  1. In Extras -> Settings -> Select items, check Select files in NC-Mode and Select with right mouse button.
  2. In any panel, select one or more files and/or folders using right-clicks.
  3. Press the Application key. This displays the context menu
  4. Click somewhere outside the context menu to close it.
    -- or --
    Select any command from the context menu (e.g. Properties or Send to desktop).
  5. Right-click another file or folder.


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