Folder tab captions display ampersands (&) incorrectly

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Folder tab captions display ampersands (&) incorrectly

#1 Post by modbear » 29.03.2010, 20:36

FreeCommander 2009.02a
Windows Vista Enterprise, 64-bit

Folder names containing ampersands (&) are incorrectly displayed in the folder tab captions. Specifically, the ampersands are missing and the character following the last ampersand, if any, is displayed underlined (like an access key). For example, if the folder name is Te&st, the tab caption displays it as Test.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
  1. In an arbitrary location on a disk, create a folder with a name containing an ampersand (&). Sample test cases:
    • Te&st
    • Te & st
    • &T&e&s&t
    • &
    • & &
    • &&
    • &&&
    • &&&&
  2. Launch FreeCommander.
  3. In any panel, press Ctrl+T to add a new folder tab.
  4. Open the created folder in any tab.
  5. See how the folder name is displayed in the tab caption.

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Re: Folder tab captions display ampersands (&) incorrectly

#2 Post by ralfso » 30.03.2010, 11:24

You're right, "&" istn't displayed in tab-caption.

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