VPN connection makes Freecommander hang [EDIT]

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VPN connection makes Freecommander hang [EDIT]

#1 Post by mariusz » 12.01.2010, 21:27

It is important to me so I decided to edit this post according to the rules:

Freecommander version: 2009.02a
OS: WindowsXP SP3

The problem appears repeatedly.

I don't use xtra plugins. It is default installation.

Steps to reproduce a bug:

1. Connect to VPN
2. connect to mapped drives in windows
3. Try to access directories/files on mapped drive on the remote network

Freecommander stops respond as it would hang. Sometimes it just really hangs (does not respond for at least 15 minutes) or after a significant amount of time it starts respond, but the action was ignored, for example if you would click on a directory to enter it after a while freecommander starts to respond, but you still are outside the directory you wanted to enter.

It is not a connection problem or something becouse working in WindowsExplorer works just fine - I can access remote network without any delays.

This sometimes happens also when working in local network when accessing file server (drives mapped in windows), but it happens ones per 100 clicks on resources on the server.

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Re: VPN connection makes Freecommander hang [EDIT]

#2 Post by biblexy » 21.06.2010, 07:29

How can i get a pc to share its vpn connection? I have two pc's connecting via a broadband router. I want both to be able to connect to using a vpn to the same location. when one is connected and the other tries to connect, it cannot. If I cannot get both computers to connect - can I use Internet Connection Sharing to share a VPN connection?
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