Double file highlight bar?

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Double file highlight bar?

#1 Post by JimW » 13.11.2009, 21:17

FC 2009.02, running on a Dell laptop with XP SP3...

I may have found a bug that causes FC to show a double file highlight bar. The program seems to work fine otherwise, so it might be purely cosmetic. Here's how to duplicate it:

* have more then one panel open
* make sure the highlight bar is not on the first item of the panel
* open a new TAB (ctrl-t)
* immediately close that TAB (ctrl-w)
* use the ctrl-tab key sequence -- or the mouse -- to go back to the TAB you were on before you opened the new one
* at this point you should see two highlight bars

I did make a screen shot but I don't see any way to paste it into the message, or even attach it, so I can't show you what the bug actually looks like. Is this happening to anyone else?

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#2 Post by JimW » 17.11.2009, 17:22

No one else is see this but me? :roll:

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#3 Post by ralfso » 17.11.2009, 21:15

No, only one highlight bar.

(In this forum you only can link to external pictures, e.g.

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#4 Post by JimW » 18.11.2009, 14:00

Hopefully this link works... ... 4115rDEybL

The "real" highlight bar is on the Dell folder -- if you use the up/down arrow keys that's the one which moves -- the one on the Config.Msi folder is the duplicate. If you move the "real" highlight over the duplicate one then it disappears, and you end up with a single highlighted folder. But until you do that there are two of them.


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