Synchronize Directories is bugged

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Synchronize Directories is bugged

#1 Post by CVL » 20.04.2009, 11:09

When I need to synchronize 2 directories (eg. a directory on my USB pen with the same directory on my local hard disk) I first get the dialog box "Synchronize directories" and click on the Compare button to display all the files contained in each directory in the corresponding panel. Then I click on the Synchronize button. Another dialog box opens and prompts me to copy files which exist on both sides. I click "OK" and then the trouble occurs.
Indeed, the transfer box opens : the copy to one side is okay but then when the copy to the other side starts, everything freezes up. I need to click on the Abort button several times in order to stop the synchronization et get back to the main window of FreeCommander. It happens mostly when the sub-directories I need to synchronize contain many files.

Salutations. Bernard Cheval (Marseille, France)
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#2 Post by Eyael » 20.04.2009, 15:19

I have also encountered this bug occasionally but I must say after checking all files had been updated. It's just as if the program was unable to exit after the task still displaying the synchronize box with progress bar half-filled.

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Synchronize Directories is bugged

#3 Post by AdrianC » 11.05.2009, 05:10

I have the same problem. I regularly synchronise with external hard drives for backup. When synchronising the first copy process works fine but it will only do one at a time. I have had to return to the 2008.06 version. I am waiting for the to be fixed so I can use the new version.


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