Dragging and dropping creates scrap.shs file

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Dragging and dropping creates scrap.shs file

#1 Post by JeffJansen » 08.04.2009, 06:36

Occasionally, dragging and dropping a file or files from one pane to another fails to move/copy the files and leaves a file named scrap.shs in the destination folder. I notice that if one of the files is a Word document, Word's macro Security Warning dialog box appears (because I have set security to medium) and then disappears when I click Enable, as if FreeCommander is trying to launch Word during the move/copy.

Jeff Jansen
Portland, OR

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#2 Post by ventaur » 09.04.2009, 18:23

This just happened to me today. No Word issues. However, FreeCommander is trying to copy/move "scraps" on drag-and-drop operations only. What gives?


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