Renaming after click when the listview isn't focused

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Renaming after click when the listview isn't focused

#1 Post by blackbox » 03.11.2008, 16:00

Clicking selected file when the listview isn't focused initiates renaming instead of simply focusing the listview. This is very annoying when you just want to switch back to the panel without changing selection.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Select a single file in a panel.
  2. Switch the focus away from the listview, either by changing to another panel or activating a different window.
  3. Click the file you selected in step 1.
Expected results:
Listview simply gains focus without activating rename mode. Renaming should start only after clicking the file the second time, when it is already selected and the listview has focus (note that this is the behavior of Windows Explorer).

Actual results:
Listview gains focus and initiates renaming.

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#2 Post by wkrekik » 07.11.2008, 10:33

I cannot reproduce this bug

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#3 Post by blackbox » 07.11.2008, 10:42

I can reproduce the bug consistently in v2008.06c and beta 387.

This bug occurs only if the setting "Use dialog window for rename" is turned OFF.

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#4 Post by lujomu » 01.05.2009, 12:36

I noticed this behaviour too some time ago: If you click on a selected (highlighted) file/folder in the inactive panel, the cursor for renaming appears, instead of just giving focus to this panel.

Still occures in version 2009.02.


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