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Treeview in search results

#1 Post by nusvar » 12.11.2019, 17:36

A folder Treeview of the search results would be very practical for analyzing a long result list.

And I miss an "Open location in Explorer" right click menu item of a search result. It will be useful if I need to see both panes of the FreeCommander or when I need to open several folder views, as we can open many explorer windows.

Another request is to have "Open location in left/right" items in the right click menu. When I need to look in a folder I find myself looking for the shortcut of the action or moving up and down between File menu and search results (if I am in mouse only mood).
Right click menu is more practical for me as I forget the keyboard shortcut after sometime. There are already too many of them that I need to remember from all other software. This seems a practical solution.

Thanks and Regards from a many years happy user Of FC ...
FC is one of the three all time open windows on my screen with Firefox and Thunderbird. It starts with system and closes only with system. :)

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