Saved Settings should be selectable in form of a sub-menu

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Saved Settings should be selectable in form of a sub-menu

#1 Post by Forez » 30.10.2019, 13:02

We have a sub-menu for Color Schemes - so that we can switch quickly between different ones. Becasue user might have a one for working at night and the other for working during the day. And they can be named by the user

What about overall settings? Why cannot they be in the same form? Right now we have a list that goes like

Bkp_Settings_2015-08-25 15-27-28
Bkp_Settings_2016-04-07 21-03-14
Bkp_Settings_2017-03-18 19-39-45
Bkp_Settings_2018-08-22 18-41-43
Bkp_Settings_2019-05-21 23-07-22
Bkp_Settings_2019-08-10 01-02-33
Bkp_Settings_2019-09-28 16-46-37
Bkp_Settings_2019-10-25 23-14-55
Bkp_Settings_2019-10-30 12-08-33

It is good that it has dates and detailed time- but such numbers tell nothing to the user

For me it is like this: which settings are the last ones that I used with the previous version of FreeCommander? Which are those that I used on my old monitor which had a different aspect ratio? Which ones are those that with adjustments after switching to new screen resolution? I simply have no idea when looking at them

And on top of that my modus operandi relies on using docked Tabs, so I often save settings just for the purpose of securing the current selection of docked Tabs- thus my list is very long and between saved settings there are no real changes in Settings

So, the user should be able to name them- and then see them in form of a sub-menu under the

Tools > Settings >

along the options like Save; thus duplicating the approach used for

View > Color Schemas >

However retaining an automatic naming system for set of settings could be optional. Or such dates & times could be added along the user chosen names- in such a way that they would be displayed always and it would not be possible to remove them, as they would be loaded up from within one of the config files

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