Automatic replacement of part of a path for (re)moved folders

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Automatic replacement of part of a path for (re)moved folders

#1 Post by Forez » 06.08.2019, 18:10

Recently I proposed this new option: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9673

And concerning that issue to some extent is also this:

If the user has a lot of pinned Tabs and changes the letter of the drive- then that user has a lot of tedious and unproductive work to do. Because the user has to:

1] has to click the Tab

2] click OK on the pop up window informing about a missing folder

3A] close the Tab and create new one within the desired location after navigating to it; or

3B] navigate to the new location

4] lock the Tab

5] potentially change its name [if it had been changed before]

So what if after changing of the drive, the user could in that pop up window choose also something like "Change drive letter for all locked Tabs", and with one choice upgrade all paths [all just this one], on the account of changing the letter? Such option should also be available somewhere within the Settings of course

And going further with that: what if we could change a larger part of path? If all Tabs were e.g. leading to


but that folder was changed to

C:\Music OLD\

the user could somehow tell FC to make that switch for all of the Tabs, even those not locked down, so that the user would not have to lock down dozens of folders with still the same artists names

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