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Not to bring FreeCommander window to front when click dragging files to another active Program window.

Posted: 10.07.2019, 09:39
by etcwawd
I often drag files from the FreeCommander and drop them to another active program window such as media player or other small tools. In this case, the other program is running with a small window in the front, The bigger FreeCommander window is running in the back. Each time when I clicked and dragged the file from the FreeCommander to the other active program window, the FreeCommander window would be brought to the front and the other program window would be in back and invisible (Covered by the FreeCommander window). It will be difficult to do this kind of drag and drop work.
As I know, the original windows explorer will keep the other program running in front when dragging the files from the back-running program window. Could the FreeCommander has the same behavior?

Thank you very much!