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Tree state per TAB

#1 Post by Strawberry » 08.10.2018, 12:57


I like working with tabs in FC but I have a major problem with them:
the tree state (the set of expanded/collapsed tree nodes) seems
to be global to all of the tabs instead of being kept separate for each tab.

It ends up being very messy as when I expand a tree node in a tab,
it expands that same tree node in all the other tabs as well, hence I progressively
end up with the same tree with the same myriad of expanded nodes for all tabs
which is not practical and defeats the purpose of having several tabs.

I tried different combinations of settings but this problem remains.

Would that please be possible to have a setting "Tree state per TAB"?

Kind regards

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Re: Tree state per TAB

#2 Post by Marek » 11.10.2018, 20:01

It should works as you want with the option Keep expanded nodes, if tree per tab.
Unfortunatelly the option is currently broken - fixed for the next release.

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