No detection of a tab displaying a folder that is being deleted

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No detection of a tab displaying a folder that is being deleted

#1 Post by Forez » 18.07.2018, 18:31

For example: if in left panel the user has a tab with a folder which contains sub-folder X and in right panel has that sub-folder X opened in another tab, then the user can deleted that X in left panel and still see it contents in the right panel. This is plain wrong

What should happen is this: in the pop up window there should be a message warning the user about having in the right panel that sub-folder X opened; and if deleted, tab in the right panel should be automatically closed. Also: all other tabs with any other sub-folders [like folder Y in that X] should be closed automatically as well. [And so: FreeCommander needs to keep track of what is opened, keep track of the structure of folders / paths being used by all of the tabs]

There is absolutely no need to waste space with dead tabs, to keep names of "ghosts folders" in the Tab Bar. And the warning I propose would make the user stop and think, if deletion of a given folder [which has sub-folders somehow used or being used] is the right thing to do in the user's current workflow

In the more advanced version, this warning [for the duration of being shown] would somehow also highlight all the tabs that display the sub-folders; preferably with a color configured in settings by the user. With 1 or 2 tabs you can go without such visual aid, but with many it would be helpful

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