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Make coping and moving Items in Favorite Toolbars more user friendly

Posted: 03.07.2018, 11:06
by Forez
Right now under the

Customize Favorite Toolbars > Define Favorite Toolbars > Category

we can move easily Items from one Category to another, without the need of moving them in a more manual way

How about moving Items between toolbars? Why is there no option of moving [and coping] of user created shortcut to a user created toolbar? Such thing has be done totally manually: the user creates a new Item from scratch somewhere else and hen deletes the old one. There should be one more field, just like the Category, from which the user could apply [from a drop down menu] association [thus movement] to another toolbar. And there should be an option of duplicating of already existing Item, so that the user could modify an old one without the need of loosing that old one