An option for reverting to the previous name of the file

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An option for reverting to the previous name of the file

#1 Post by Forez » 17.06.2018, 12:05

In the Multi Rename tool the user can change names of files- but also [before closing the window of that tool] the user can revert the changes. And that is a real reversion as the change really occur in real time- the change of name does not only appear in the window of the Multi Rename tool, waiting to be implemented for real when the Multi Rename window is closed

So would it not be possible for FC, to have on extra option- of reverting to the previous name of the file. Of that one single file that you just accidentally renamed to something you did not want? Like maybe you deleted the extension and so on? I personally often write in filenames of audio files instruction concerning editing- how much to cut out. And every now and then I accidentally loose that kind of info when correcting it, before editing. If I could execute reversion, then this would not be a problem anymore

This option could be accessible via the File or Edit drop down list of the Menu. And it should be available only for the very last file that was affected by the user [not allowing to go back and back further down the timeline o the workflow]

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