Shell menu entry for creating a file without an extension

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Shell menu entry for creating a file without an extension

#1 Post by Forez » 30.05.2018, 19:05

I would like to request adding an option for making file-notes via FreeCommander. Because right now it is like this:

I very often make notes in my folders- just a simple single file without content: its filename parameter is the note [info / warning / explanation / instruction / whatever]. I find this modus operandi very efficient [on which I could elaborate] and also extremely simple- thus time saving

Unfortunately: every time I loose some time by repeating the mundane task of removing an extension of such file. Because the steps are:
1] I click right mouse button so that the shell menu would show up
2] I navigate to "New" in the menu
3] I navigate further to the section with file formats
4] I choose a format
5] I write my note
6] I accept it
7] I have to remove the file extension; one way or another

That last point is a total drag- and at the same time it is vital, because only then I get a nice looking file with a distinctive blank white icon provided by the OS. This icon stands so much that there is no way I would not spot it out why glancing through my files. And that also works in the Search window, when going through pint pointed records with the CTRL + F option

[A workaround would be to just choose every time the one and the same fileformat, one of those that I do not use. But that would mean I would have to have an entry for it in my shell menu- and be careful not to make a mistake of choosing the wrong one]

And so I dream of having an option of adding to the shell [via FreeComamnder configuration] an entry for a extensionless file. And if there is not such thing as an extensionless file [in that you Windows will not allow to create one from the get go- but only when renaming an existing one by the means of deleting its extension], then FreeCommander should take care of this [first create the file in for example TXT format and then automatically remove this extension]. This entry for notes I would place right under the entry for Folder creation; so that the list would be: Folder, Note, horizontal splitting line, all of the other entries

I also dream of FreeCommander being able to remove or at least conceal other shell menu entries. I would get rid of the useless Shortcut entry, which since 1995 [Windows 95] I have never used. My shell menu is already pretty cleaned up, but it took me a lot of sweat and time to do so- and in the end I failed with that Shortcut entry

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