"Backup All Settings" option does not backup them always

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"Backup All Settings" option does not backup them always

#1 Post by Forez » 01.04.2018, 13:25

Under the
Tools > Settings > General > Settings
there is this
Auto save settings - on exit
which I have had turned on a long time ago

But in order to really save my settings, for export / backup reasons, I always need to do two things:
1] Execute: Tools > Save Settings
2] Execute: Tools > Backup All Settings
Because if I only "Backup All Settings", then the old settings are saved- thus the new changes are lost forever

So would it not be more user friendly and logical for FC to assume, than backing up of all settings is meant for the current ones? So what I am saying is this:
A] Let FC execute also automatically "Save Settings" prior to executing "Backup All Settings", when hitting the "Backup All Settings"
B] Let FC backup the current settings, saving them only to the backup files and not the current config files

This current kind of duality in regard to saving of options in FC is confusing. And if you add to it the differences between Apply and OK under the
Tools > Settings > General > Settings
it can get really counterproductive and even unsafe for the user: the user can simply end up with new / old tabs disappearing and re-appearing between opening and reopening of FC. And if it is a new / inexperienced user, then I think that such user will more likely get rid of a "faulty" software rather than seek the root for such "inconsistent" behavior

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