Menu & Favorite Toolbars inconsistency / waste of space removal

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Menu & Favorite Toolbars inconsistency / waste of space removal

#1 Post by Forez » 26.03.2018, 12:35

Under the
Customize Favorte Toolbars... > Toolbar Options
the user can adjust the size of icons that are displayed on the custom made toolbars. And this helps when somebody is trying to squeeze every pixel available for worskpace

But the problem is this: the icons seem to be glued to the bottom of the their Favorite Toolbars - while the Menu items are glued to the top of the Menu. And as a result few pixels can be wasted in the end, because going down with size of the icons at to some point simply stops having an effect on the vertical size of that area. I mean: look at the height of Address Bar, [the virtual toolbar of] Tabs and Drives toolbar: they are all smaller when compared to the vertical space taken by Menu and Favorite Toolbars. I see clearly see there is wasted space between File / Edit / Folder / Favorites / View / Tools / Help and the Drives toolbar - and analogical amount of space is wasted between Favorite Toolbars and the very top of FreeCommander

So one element puts unnecessary space on its bottom and the other on its top- and they are in the same area. So firstly it is a waste of space to no benefit of the user; and secondly currently FC does not look aesthetically. I even dare to call this being a bug

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