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Change inconsistent renaming behavior

#1 Post by Forez » 23.09.2017, 15:50

Check this out:

You have a file. You start to rename it. After finishing, you do not press Enter and you do not click somewhere in the tab that this file is displayed in- instead of this you click in the other panel; no matter what tab / folder and no matter if you click specifically somewhere in that other tab [on the file list] or at the tab from the folder tabs line [to choose some other tab than the one which is already being displayed]. And so what happens? The file gets a new re-name

But what happens if you rename a file, do not press Enter and click some other tab- but in the same panel in which a tab containing that file was being displayed? The file retains the same name- which you discover only when you go back to that folder

So right now FreeCommander under one condition assumes you wanted to approve the renaming, while under a different conditions assumes that you did not approve it or made a mistake / cancelled it. This is totally illogical. If there should be such distinction, then it should be the other way around- when after clicking you still see the file, you should see that it was not changed [and not like right that you do not see that it was not changed]. Or if modus operandi of FC is to be to assume that the user does not know what is s/he is doing and needs a fail safe, then a renaming should be approved after hitting Enter or OK on some confirmation box

If it was up to me I would stick with the first behavior from the beginning of this thread [FC assumes that you know what you are doing and does not take into consideration a slip of a hand / mistake], in both of clicking-after-renaming scenarios

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