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Night mode button

Posted: 20.09.2017, 21:21
by Forez
I guess that probably most of the users have two big panel with a white background

And I also guess that those who happen to have a big screen, have the same problem as mine: too much bright light in the middle of the night. You are watching one movie and then you want to see another- and so you go the FC to navigate through folders and get a lot of light showed in your face as an unwanted bonus. Or even worse: you cannot fall to sleep, so you get up to turn on the computer to watch something [in hopes that maybe it will put you down to sleep]; and then you enter the OS and then FC and then you end up with an effect like in the beginning of that scene: For me it is simply a pain to my eyes, even with my screen set to ECO [dimmed] settings- I have to quickly manually switch my FC from my default fullscreen mode to a windowed one and make it [the whole FC] real small [so that I would mostly see my black wallpaper. And as I have FC in auto-run mode [opened at every OS startup] that pain is simply inevitable

And I know I have a sleeping disorder but I also had my eyes checked recently- so it not theirs fault

So I would like to request a button for the night mode. It could either simply change automatically all the whites to greys; or it could switch all user defined colors to he other user defined colors [the ones defined for the night mode]. The first way could potentially render some elements invisible / indistinguishable but probably would require little changes to FC. The second would allow for a full control of display settings- but would also require more changes on behalf of both the FC creator and the nightly user of it

And here is an example of the first solution in the most simplistic version: This [dreams driven] site has a simple switch at its top than changes the "main" white to grey, very handy for the nightly readers. And yes, I know that webpages run on HTML / PHP / CSS and FC does not, but the basic principal is the same- to start displaying a grey in the main / biggest area of the software; and to be as easily able to go back

Re: Night mode button

Posted: 20.09.2017, 22:48
by Dreamer
You can change the background color for active and inactive panel, more here:

It's possible to change almost any font/background color in FC.

Re: Night mode button

Posted: 23.09.2017, 15:06
by Forez
Those are permanent changes. And I am advocating for additional option of a temporary color switch. For a second alternative color set

As for those options: why is there FreeCommander.exe and FreeCommander.ini in the Active Panel? What is the difference? The link you provided does not say anything about it

Re: Night mode button

Posted: 23.09.2017, 17:46
by ralfso
The words freecommander.exe and freecommander.ini are examples for filenames and lines. It could also be abc.exe and xyz.txt.

Re: Night mode button

Posted: 23.09.2017, 17:57
by Forez
ralfso wrote: 23.09.2017, 17:46 The words freecommander.exe and freecommander.ini are examples for filenames and lines.
Very misleading

I see EXE and INI [or something like CFG] with the name of the software, then I assume it has something to do with optional / alternative settings [each loaded from EXE / INI /CFG file; which can be chosen somewhere else in the options]

ralfso wrote: 23.09.2017, 17:46 It could also be abc.exe and xyz.txt.
If there would be indeed something like a
Sample File A.exe
Sample File B.txt

then I would not make such assumption

Thanks for clearing this out for me

Re: Night mode button

Posted: 25.09.2017, 17:56
by Forez
I would like also to point out the lack off "Stripe" option in the Inactive Panel section; and that it looks like it should be there [because it has a double height just like Active Panel]. And you cannot also temper with the color of the font in the Inactive Panel, which is possible in the Active Panel