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Stop tabs from inheriting proprieties

Posted: 20.09.2017, 14:40
by Forez
Let's say I use the "Display all items as list" and have only 1 tab opened- and that suits me. This kind of view is my default one. But then I need to open a new tab with a detailed kind of view. And so I open it [tab 2] and switch the display setting within it. So far so good. But then I need to open yet another new tab [3] - and that when it gets bad. Because 99% of the time I need my default view in such new tab [3]. So 99% of the time in such situation I have to change the view to my default one

So I would like to have a choice in settings between a current behavior of FC and a change that I came up with. The user should be able to choose if
a] every tab should inherit the display properties [this is the current behavior]
b] no tab should inherit [it should use a default or user defined settings]

Re: Stop tabs from inheriting proprieties

Posted: 27.07.2019, 10:27
by Forez
And that annoying behavior is not even consistent, as apparently I have found a bug concerning it: