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Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 16.04.2017, 16:19
by Dreamer
I'm trying to use FC for the recycle bin instead of Explorer, there are some issues (reported) and missing features, different behavior as in Explorer.

My suggestions:

#1 Add Recycle bin path <bin> as a Condition for Column profiles.
- Working with a workaround, more here.

I tried to do it, but it doesn't work, also the item "Date Deleted" is not in the list, but this might be replaced with "Last access".

Alternatively save the columns order and width for Recycle bin, currently it's not saved, if the path is changed or FC restart.

#2 Add "Folders like files in Recycle bin only" sorting option.
- Working with a workaround, more here.

This would be useful for sorting by "Date Deleted", to quickly find last deleted item - and it would be the same as in Explorer.

#3 Add option "Show recycle bin as drive".

#4 Add a keyboard shortcut for Recycle bin.
- It's possible to create a shortcut manually.

This is already possible, since the shortcuts for Shift+0, 1, 2 are already used, I suggest Shift+4 (or Shift+5), shortcuts Shift+3 (and Shift+4) should be reserved for some other paths, perhaps 3 for cloud.
Shift+9 make more sense, but it's hard accessible, it should be easy accessible with left hand.

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 28.04.2017, 01:37
by Dreamer
Workaround improvements, if the previous are not easy to implement

#5 Remember "sort by" option (and order and size of the columns) for the Recycle bin.
- Working with a workaround, using Automatic views, more here.

#6 "Sort by" (and column order and size of the columns) ini options for the Recycle bin.
- Working with a workaround, more here.

recyclebinsortby=name1 (sort by name ascending)
recyclebinsortby=datedeleted2 (sort by date deleted decending)

...or with the width size:

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 24.02.2019, 00:20
by Dreamer
I still miss this feature.

Automatic views feature has been added, but it doesn't work here either, condition for the Recycle bin is missing.

I don't want to use Explorer, but I still have to use it if I want to check the last deleted item or if I want to restore the item, it's much faster as in FC, because in FC I have to switch to details view and scroll in the window mode and click "Date Deleted" column, to show last deleted item first. In explorer I just open Recycle bin and it's on top already.

All I need in FC is to click the Recycle bin and auto-show the last deleted item (file or folder) first / on top.

Is there at least some workaround?

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 24.02.2019, 12:17
by alf5000
same here
+1 for your request

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 12.03.2019, 23:54
by Forez
Good ideas indeed

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 28.11.2019, 22:37
by Dreamer
OK, workaround is here (I replaced one step below):
Marek wrote: 26.11.2019, 21:28 If you want to define column profile for Recycle Bin:
- open the Recycle Bin in the left pane
- switch view to details
- open popup menu with Shift+F1 (left pane with recycle bin is active)
- select "Column profiles"->"Add current column profile specific to folder"
- define the name for the new profile: RecycleBin
- open Tools->Settings and select "Column profiles/Automatic view" in the tree
- select new created profile "RecycleBin" and click on "Define columns" button
- click the button "Define columns" and set the columns as you like
- save the setting
To add the Recycle bin to Automatic views:

- create "RecycleBin" item
- add any condition, e.g. empty <sub>
- for View "type:" select "Details"
- for "Columns profile:" select "RecycleBin"
- for "Sort on:" select "Date Deleted" and click the button Descending (if you want to sort items by date deleted)
- apply and save settings
- close FreeCommander

- open FreeCommander.ini file in any text editor
- search for "[FcDetailedViews_RecycleBin"
- copy the line "Condition=..." below to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
- open FreeCommander.views.ini file in any text editor
- search for "Name=RecycleBin"
- replace the line "Condition=..." few lines below with the text from clipboard (Ctrl+V)
- save the file
- start FreeCommander

This way, if you open Recycle bin, or switch to tab with Recycle bin, details view and sorting by Date Deleted - also folders will be used automatically, so the last deleted item will be first in the list, even if it's a folder.

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 03.12.2019, 21:13
by Forez
Your ideas are good

Re: Recycle bin improvements

Posted: 04.12.2019, 00:30
by Dreamer
Thanks, Forez, your suggestions are very good too.

New suggestion...

#7 Add Recycle bin Condition for Status bar.

For example, to show full path for the focused item, if the path column is not enough for it.