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Change the behavior of "name is not valid" error

Posted: 14.12.2016, 12:26
by Forez
I would like to request how illegal characters are handled by FreeCommander

Right now if the user happens to put in the name of the file or folder, for example a question mark, FC spits out error message and automatically reverts to the previous name. And that is annoying [at least for me], because it happens all the time. Typically when a long / complex title of a song / album / movie is copied, pasted as a file / folder name and modified to some extent- but not enough to be 100% valid. And so, all the work that was done in modifying a title is lost and has to be repeated

For example ACDSee 3.1 works in a user friendly way- it spits an error, but after clicking OK on the message box, it gets you right back to the file being changed [in the name changing mode] with those illegal characters still there

As for the more extended approach, those illegal characters could be highlighted with a user defined color. And if colors are implemented, there could also be an option for skipping the error message completely or just showing it for one second [so that there would be no need to move the pointer on the OK and clicking it]

Re: Change the behavior of "name is not valid" error

Posted: 12.07.2017, 17:35
by Forez
Recently I have also noticed a duality in the behavior of FC

If you for example copy something like

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The Name Of The Album: Sub-Title
from let's say a tag field in Mp3tag and past is as a name for a folder that is to be created, then our beloved file handler will spit out the message about syntax error

But if you try the same with

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The Name Of The Album | Sub-Title
a folder will be created without a message, but it will look like this

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i.e. using everything after the >>|<<, including the pause

So why should those two illegal character be treated differently? And why the user should not be able to simply correct the name bearing an illegal character but be forced to write it differently from a scratch or to paste once again and paste it before hitting ENTER?