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Queue - action when operation is done

#1 Post by Dreamer » 24.07.2016, 12:51

There are several similar suggestions in the forum, I found these:

Now, with the new queue feature, it's perhaps the right time, so here are few suggestions, perhaps not all are needed, please support those you like - also some of them might be hard to implement, since we can add more items while operation is running, that's why I suggest more alternatives:

[ ] Show dialog when operation is done *
[v] Play sound when operation is done (default/custom?)
[ ] Show message in the Queue bar when operation is done (with the [x] button to close the bar)

[v] Do not show dialog or play sound when done, if:
....[ ] the operation time is less than [30] seconds
....[ ] the number of items is less than [100]
....[v] the size of all items is less than [200] MB

* Dialog in the middle of the screen might be undesired in some situations, while fullscreen operation is running, so there are few ways how to solve it:

[v] Do not show dialog when done, if the fullscreen application is running (option)
- always display this dialog in the bottom corner, left or right
- remember the position of this dialog

Anyway, these options might be very useful, especially if using (auto-)minimize options for operations.

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