Save Folder tabs without exit

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Save Folder tabs without exit

#1 Post by Shaidar » 24.05.2016, 16:36

Would be great if you could autosave the folder tabs on other than just on exit of the program.

I never turn off my computer or FC so every time something happens, windows update, force reboot i have lost all my tabs and i don't remember where i was :(

Not sure if possible to also save the selection in each tab maybe ? :)

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Re: Save Folder tabs without exit

#2 Post by ralfso » 24.05.2016, 17:36

What's about the command "Tools" > "Save settings", or put the Button "Save settings" in your toolbar or make a shortcut for "Save settings"?

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Re: Save Folder tabs without exit

#3 Post by joby_toss » 25.05.2016, 06:24

For tabs: View->Layouts->Save current layout...

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Re: Save Folder tabs without exit

#4 Post by Dreamer » 25.05.2016, 18:07

I don't know how aggressive is your windows update, but what about Settings > General > "Show confirmation dialog on exit" to prevent the restart?

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