Icons in taskbar depending on layout or active tab

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Icons in taskbar depending on layout or active tab

#1 Post by poyan » 02.03.2016, 01:21

I use two monitors plus virtual desktops (here: virtuawin with plugin i-conized for switching desktops, shows icons of the opened programs).
I run more than 1 instance of fc quite often (different layouts).
All these instances show the same logo in taskbar and in i-conized, while explorer passes the folder-icons. With fc I have to hover the mouse above the entries. While i-conized shows at least the foldername, hovering above the entry in the taskbar has a window pop up which is ways too small for distinguishing one fc instnace from the other. In any case, kicking the mouse around for finding the desired fc-instance is annoying, time consuming and not effective - just the opposite of what a file manager is intended for.

Could it be implemented that fc passes icons depending on
on the active layout (first choice) and/or the active tab (which is showing the folder-icon)?
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win 10, surface pro

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