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Quick search for favorites

#1 Post by napcode » 04.02.2016, 15:44

I'd like to quickly search and open available favorites by just typing a few letters. This feature exists for the normal folder view but doesn't work the same for the favorites view:
- it selects and opens the first match after typing the first letter and
- despite the "search fraction must exist at the beginning of the text" option being turned off it always matches from the beginning

Would it be possible to add the quick search functionality as it is in the folder view for the favorites view?
Or are there already some options to configure this behavior?

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Re: Quick search for favorites

#2 Post by pulp » 19.05.2016, 20:27

I would like to second this request. I try to use FreeCommander only with the keyboard. If the favorties would allow quick search I could add more folder with similar names.

@napcode: a workaround is to use the "Quick Starter" (Ctrl-Shift-J) Windows. But the Quick-Search inside this windows i really slow...

Regards pulp

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