consider making view filters act in F5 and F6 as well

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consider making view filters act in F5 and F6 as well

#1 Post by minsik » 25.10.2015, 07:59

Firstly setup a viewing filter Alt+y, then define a filter. For example a filter with a name is "excluding flac" and contains exclude *.flac files.
However every time you use the F5 copy command (even with a view filter in effect), and want to copy what is viewed, then a filter to be applied separately to the copy filter as it will by default copy everything, even though you are only viewing a limited subset of files. This seems counter intuitive.

This I think should be related to the Alt+y filter for viewing files. These filters currently only act to restict viewing and should be able to be made a part of the copy/move filter as well as a viewing filter. (in my opinion).

ie if alt+y has selected the viewing filter which could be to exclude *.flac files. then any action on files viewed should use that filter as well during copy or move operations. To me that seems logical.

What do you think?

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