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Copying list of directories and files

Posted: 15.08.2015, 13:53
by h-h

when you select directories and files and copy them only one type of clipboard data is copied. As you might know multiple clipboard formats can be copied at once. I think it would be a great and helpful feature for many if a file list would be copied as text as well in the order displayed. You should be able to set some options for this as: "[x] Copy whole path". As some (most?) text copying software does it, simple text should be copied (ASCII? ANSI?) as well as Unicode text.

To be sure, it should be checked whether famous software as Windows Explorer is able to ignore the text and behaves as if the text wasn't copied. Maybe it's a matter of the order of the datatypes.

Re: Copying list of directories and files

Posted: 23.08.2017, 14:48
by h-h
If you want to see how it can work, I suggest taking a look at foobar2000 when copying a playlist entry, because it does exactly what I described.

What's your opinion on this?

Re: Copying list of directories and files

Posted: 23.08.2017, 17:34
by ralfso
Did you try the existing features of FC like this in the Edit menu?
Copy details to clipboard (like you want as well in the order displayed)
Copy full name as text
Copy name as text
Copy full path as text

If you need some of these often, you cant put the according buttons on the action bar.
Or you can use the existing button for pathcopy in the "Address bar-actions toolbar". ... olbar.html

I never needed to copy the files and the details-text at the same time.

Re: Copying list of directories and files

Posted: 26.08.2017, 22:06
by h-h
Hi and thanks for answering,

I'm glad to hear the feature is already available. I never need to copy the details. I only always need the full paths + names version.

However, I still regard my suggestion as a very good idea, because it utilizes the standard shortcut Ctrl+C and doesn't disturb any other functionality or other program.