color code the folders and files

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color code the folders and files

#1 Post by Flash » 05.05.2015, 22:12

Color code for folders and files like finder for mac - very useful, but no exist in free commander...sad
and filter by color code maybe faster access to get
also color for tabs very difficult to i add key shortcuts, but option is very difficult to find
what if i need fast color code for tab? (simpe, flat color, one click!)

if it is possible to implement, I can help with the design of the concept

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Re: color code the folders and files

#2 Post by CabbageTree » 03.03.2016, 11:02


that gagging-functionality would be absolutely AWESOME! Just imagine the possibilities with Quick-filter & color filtering together!

I can help with concept as well.

Take care.

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Re: color code the folders and files

#3 Post by Karol » 03.03.2016, 11:31

Why not to describe your concept here?

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Re: color code the folders and files

#4 Post by poyan » 09.03.2016, 12:47

tools | settings | view | file/folder list
Here you can assign colors
depending on fileextensions, (parts of) foldernames, and even filters which have been defined.
Maybe it is in the beta-version only...
Kind regards

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