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Marek, please explain your stance on UNDO/REDO

Posted: 26.04.2014, 07:05
For years now you've ignored every single person who's brought up UNDO/REDO without offering an explanation as to why. Perhaps you feel that you don't need to justify your defiant stance because it's a free product, but would that be appropriate considering how users need to pay $$$ if they want access to FreeCommander's latest features? Are your paying customers not worthy of UNDO/REDO, features that even Windows Explorer offers by default?

It's not like they're difficult features to add. You also know that adding UNDO/REDO doesn't mean that you yourself would have to use them. Toolbar items are all optional. FreeCommander has over 200 toolbar choices and most users don't use even 1/5 of those. Most aren't important enough to activate. You have 3 DIFFERENT permamant deletes for Pete's sake. I'd happily trade 2 of those 3 in for a single UNDO/REDO.

In a nutshell, the difference between most of your toolbar options and UNDO/REDO is pretty simple:

Unlike most, people would actually use UNDO/REDO. They should be standard features in any respectable file manager. They're COPY/PASTE/CUT/MOVE's ugly sisters. And they may be ugly, but when the going gets tough they always got their sisters backs.

On behalf of the FreeCommander community, this is my official request for UNDO/REDO (or an explanation as to why in the event you deny this request).

Re: Marek, please explain your stance on UNDO/REDO

Posted: 27.04.2014, 12:20
by Marek
You really think that undo/redo is easy to make and I want only annoy my users?
I have no plans for undo/redo in current year.

Re: Marek, please explain your stance on UNDO/REDO

Posted: 27.04.2014, 16:51
But why haven't you requested for help? It just seems odd to go for so many years without an UNDO/REDO feature in your file manager. You could request for help here or anonymously at a coding website. Practically every image editor, text editor, and file manager has UNDO/REDO, so it seems reasonable that asking around would lead you to someone who can help.

I won't tell you how to spend your time, but I can say that I am disappointed by your lack of urgency for such an essential feature.

Re: Marek, please explain your stance on UNDO/REDO

Posted: 07.02.2019, 01:08
It's 2019.

Still no UNDO/REDO.

You don't want to annoy your users, right? You said it yourself. One would think that with all the donations you've received over the last 5 years, that you'd find the motivation to add FC's most requested feature. After all, practically every-single-file-manager ever written for Windows has had an UNDO feature...

Except FreeCommander.