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Delete Empty Folders

#1 Post by beta » 03.02.2014, 17:16


in FreeCom, open any folder - display(click) the context menu and select - delete empty folders

this command is opens (auxiliary) window, which lists the folder to delete. All these folders are empty. size = 0.
and also, in this sub-window, displayed as empty folders, to delete.
I tick the ones who leave the folder - do not remove.
and buttons:   Remove all.   Delete marked,   do not delete

or a buttons in toolbars: DELETE EMPty FOLDERS

сделаем жизнь проще....(english)make life easier ...

IN MY COMPUTER --- 4643 EMpty Folders in different folders/
ps: how many empty folders on your computers?? :roll:


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Re: Delete Empty Folders

#2 Post by ThomAC » 20.09.2018, 10:51

I would highly appreciate such a feature, too.

Currently I need another tool just for this function. ;-(

Thanks a lot in advance. ;-)

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Re: Delete Empty Folders

#3 Post by Marek » 20.09.2018, 17:07

- if you do not have column profile for plain view then define one (e.g. Plain)
- to the "Plain" column profile add FC column "Items"
- change the view to details
- go to desired drive or folder and switch to plain view folders Shift+Ctrl+B (it may take longer time)
- sort the view on "Items" column
- folders with Items value 0 are empty folders

Deleting all empty folders can cause problems. Maybe some programs expect a folder structure even with empty folders.

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