Direct keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs

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Direct keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs

#1 Post by Dreamer » 29.05.2020, 12:52

This suggestion was inspired with this topic:

Jump to / select specific tab with keyboard (hotkey?) - FreeCommander Forum

Quite often I need to switch to first tab, or specific tab, and currently I have to switch it manually and it's not so easy with many tabs, so my suggestion is:

Direct keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs:
- 1st tab
- 2nd tab
- 3rd tab
- 8th tab
- 9th tab
- 10th tab
- First tab
- Last tab
- Last used tab (already requested I guess)

Workaround / alternative solution:
- Bug fix: A new tab is created when the favorite is opened using a hotkey (introduced in 819)
This "bug" was quite useful, could you add the option to do NOT open new tab if opening the favorite item with shortcut and the tab with this path exist, just switch to this existing tab? It would also prevent creating duplicate tabs.

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