Could the search function performance be improved?

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Could the search function performance be improved?

#1 Post by mgroen » 13.02.2020, 12:54

Here is the scenario:

1. I have 1 rar file which is about 300 MB in size, containing approx. 14000 files of type .RTF No other files are in the archive;
2. I place the rar file in a folder so that folder contains only that archive file;
3. I want to perform a search on that 1 rar file, on file contents:
- cntrl-F;
- search file content, containing text: "12345"(is an example);
- all options are unchecked;
- search in , folders: only the folder from step 2 is set;
- checked: search in subfolders, search in archives, search in Office xml
- no other running software/services is blocking the folder, nor using significant resources;

4. Running an modern PC: Intel i5 2.8Ghz, 6 cores, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit.

- I click on Find; start stopwatch; find button is disabled, Cancel button is enabled (so search is running)
- search time after search is finished (find button is enabled, cancel is disabled (so search is finished): approx. 20 minutes (!).

I do the exact same search using Total Commander v.9.50 64bit. Search time noted there: 34 seconds.

Please, I do not want to be disrespectfull in this, all is meant in a positive way, but it would be great if searchtime of FreeCommander could be improved!


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