unzip or unrar all files inside multi folders

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unzip or unrar all files inside multi folders

#1 Post by DAMN » 17.01.2020, 03:28

Hello is it possible to do a folder unzip or folder unrar options from the right click

if there is 2 folder on the C : volume named

folder_1234 and it have 4 zips or more the zips contains mp3 for example
folder_5678 and it have 4 rar parts or more and the rars contains images for example

is there is a way to select these 2 folders at once and right click extract both folders to a different volume with the same folder names

folder_1234 with the mp3 files only

folder_5678 with images files only

if this is possible this is very important and i tried many apps but there is one but doesnt support multi folder seclection

thanks in advance. big donation will be consider if so.

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